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This is a temporary landing page for several very recently registered domains which may be developed. We buy (only) generic domains, and gradually develop them, some of those became very successful. All of those domains may have their unique landing page at some point. We buy only quality domains, because quality of domains plays an essential role in success of websites. Each quality keyword is trademarked many times around the world by many different companies. This can't be an excuse to take a domain from the original registrant, otherwise it would be pointless to introduce more than one domain extension, and still there would be a fight between trademark holders on keywords. Since we can't develop all of these names and have successful websites for each all the time, we would sell some of these names at some point to people who can put those names into a better use. Even big companies like Yahoo sell some of their domains. It is even widely accepted that registering domains only for selling is considered a bona fide business legally. We may list our domains as for sale even if our primary intention is not selling them. And our intentions or plans can change fast.

We have received about 5 CD letters for our domain registrations so far. Only once we were convinced domain was not generic enough and returned it to the company who made the claim. Once we donated the domain although we didn't have to. Once or twice such claims ended in a sale. At other times, we defended our registrations, just by replying email. And this was the end of the story. We kept the domains. What else could have happened: If we were extremely careless we could lose the domain although this would be very unlikely. Most likely complainant would be blamed of reverse hijacking even if there is no defense. This is how things usually end in generic domain registrations.

We may lose one domain at the worst, this is not a big deal. But most likely this won't happen and complainant will be wasting their money, time and energy on a useless claim and will be blamed of reverse hijacking at the end.

Domain owners should be warned or possibly negotiated with but should not be harrassed unless there is a real crime.